Many of our products can be personalized by laser engraving.The engraving can be performed specifically with stethoscopes at different locations and appear, depending on the material properties and the underground in a dark or light font.
 One engraving makes 9,90 Euro.

By default, the following documents are available:

We are happy to engrave logos or special character or a different font to your liking. For this purpose, please contact us by phone at +49 (0)7832/99959-53 or by email: info@medicalax.de available.

In the order form you can specify your desired engraving. Please refer to the respective notes for the individual products. Especially in the stethoscopes arise depending on the type of other needs and opportunities. The delivery of your product is extended by about 5-8 business days. Details of engraving we can contact us by email or phone to discuss.